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For the Gibraltar 2019 NatWest International Island Games the Triathlon Event will be held over the Standard Distance of 1500m sea swim, 40km non-drafting bike and 10km run. The event will take place in the morning of the first day of competition on Sunday 7th July and will see all the athletes line up on Eastern Beach for the start and then run into the sea to complete two laps of 750m with an Australian exit at the end of lap one (athletes will exit the sea for a short run and then run back into the sea to start the second lap).

The 40km bike course will be held on closed roads and the course is best described as “beautifully brutal” as it will follow the east side coast line all the way up to the Mosque and back for five laps. The bike course will have two significant climbs per lap and is also very technical with some steep descents, sharp turns and a long tunnel through the Rock to contend with.  Having completed the bike section the 10km run will be five laps and will take the athletes along Eastern Beach road where there will be plenty of support from all the people at the beach.

Triathlon Test Event – Sunday 1st July 2018

Please find below (and in the DOWNLOAD section at the bottom of this page) an update on the Gibraltar 2019 NatWest International Island Games Triathlon following a Test Event which took place on 1st July 2018.

The Test Event was held over the Sprint Distance in order to minimise the disruption to the general public. The Gibraltar 2019 Games is still planned to be a Standard Distance Event and as a worst-case scenario will be the course (in the DOWNLOAD section) with double the number of laps. We are very hopeful that we will be able to extend both the Bike and Run laps so that the course is less congested and as detailed above, but we cannot confirm at the moment as there is a significant amount of construction going on in this area.  The swim course will obviously need to change in order to have two 750m laps, but the bike and run courses will be very similar to the Test Event.

The Test Event course (1st July 2018) detail can be viewed by clicking on the Garmin Connect Triathlon file.

Chris Walker (Gibraltar 2019 Triathlon Coordinator) has also clarified a couple of points (as of 18/10/18):

  • The water temperature is expected to be between 15 and 18 degrees celsius, so wetsuits will be permitted.
  • Temperatures are likely to reach the high 20 degrees celsius with high humidity so this will also undoubtedly have an impact on the athletes.
  • The swim start will be on the beach and is planned to be 2 laps of 750m.
  • The distance from swim exit to Transition is around 150m.
  • All roads for the bike and run courses will be totally closed to traffic.
  • The bike course is slightly up hill on the way out but with no significant climbs.
  • The bike course is technical with two 180 degree turns at either end, some speed bumps (they will be smoothed out for the Island Games) and some narrow sections. If we are able to extend the bike course to the Mosque it will then include a 400m long tunnel through the Rock and a 200m long steep decent on the way out and steep climb on the way back.
  • The road surface is generally OK and we are hoping for a complete resurface of the tunnel in time for the Island Games.
  • Choice of bike will be up to each competitor – for the Test Event we had equal number of Time Trial and Road Bikes with both reporting that they were happy with their choices. There appeared to be no clear benefit for either.
  • As a worst-case scenario, the bike course will be 8 laps but will hopefully be no more than 5.
  • As a worst-case scenario, the run course will also be 8 laps but again this may reduce to 4/5 laps. It is mainly flat but with one short up and down climb per lap. There is no shade on the run course but there will be plenty of water available on every lap.
  • There will not be any bike aid stations so each athlete will need to carry their own fluid on the bike section.


Eastern Beach
Devils Tower Road
GX11 1AA

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Triathlon Sports Coordinator
Chris Walker


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