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The Gibraltar Clay Target Shooting Association will be hosting three competitions for the Gibraltar 2019 NatWest International Island Games. Olympic Trap, Olympic Skeet and Automatic Ball Trap will all take place at our shooting range at Europa Advance Road.

Download the Clay Schedule (as of 04/05/19)


The Gibraltar Pistol Association will be hosting the pistol disciplines for the Gibraltar 2019 NatWest International Island Games. The Association is hoping to put on the following competitions in Individual and Team : NPA Police Pistol 1, NPA Service B, WA1500- Revolver 480, IPSC Open, IPSC Standard and ISSF competitions in Standard, Sports Pistol, Centre-Fire, Air Pistol Men, Air Pistol Women and Free Pistol (pending confirmation).

The GPA now has a new shooting complex which was completed in 2016. It has a dedicated ISSF 25m range with 10 firing points and a 10 electronic scoring target system, a dedicated 25m full bore range also with 10 firing points and an automatic turning target system and an indoor 10 firing point Air range with a 10 electronic scoring target system. The Full Bore range and the ISSF range, which have installed specialised ballistic rubber floor tiles and bullet catching system , have been certified by the NRA. The Premises has a separate preparation area, armoury, toilets and changing room on the bottom floor. There is a recreational area, toilets, kitchen, bar on the top floor including a large open terrace with views of the rock and straits.

The ISSF Standard Pistol will be a separate men and women events. The 50m Free Pistol (Team and Individual) will be added to the event schedule for a total of 14 ISSF events.

Download the Pistol Schedule (as of 19/03/19)


The GTSA will be hosting Target shooting at the Gibraltar 2019 NatWest International Island Games at a new target shooting complex. The range will cater for 50m, 10m disciplines in Prone, 3p and Air rifle, team events, individual ladies and gents in all disciplines and mixed gender in Air rifle. Olympic Finals will be held in prone, 3p and air rifles.

All competitions will be shot in Meyton electronic targets, ISSF rules will be applied in all competitions.

Download the Rifle Schedule (as of 28/05/19)

Shooters BBQ (Thursday 11th July)

The Shooters BBQ is a traditional event were all shooters from all three shooting disciplines (Clay, Pistol and Rifle) have a social gathering. The BBQ is scheduled to take place on Thursday 11th July (evening) after medal presentations at the Gibraltar Pistol Association (Lathbury Barracks, Windmill Hill).

Tickets for the Shooters BBQ (£12 per person) will be available at the Rifle, Clay and Pistol Venues until Tue 9th July.

Download the Shooters BBQ Menu

Firearms Importation & Exportation Process

Competitors bringing firearms and ammunition [including air weapons] to the games in Gibraltar are required by law to have an Import Permit, they are also required to hold a Firearms Licence whilst the weapon is in Gibraltar. When leaving Gibraltar an Export Permit will also be needed.

Competitors are required to apply for an Importation Permit and an Exportation Permit. There is no need to apply for a Firearms Licence as these will be issued to all individual competitors once the importation of the weapon has been approved. Whilst it is possible for competitors to apply for permits individually, the authorities (Royal Gibraltar Police) would prefer that a team representative applies to import and export all the weapons and ammunition for all the members of the team participating in a particular discipline.

For example: a team representative of the ‘Ruritania Clay Team’ should apply to import and export all the weapons and ammunition for the ‘Ruritania Clay Team’ participating in Olympic Trap, Olympic Skeet and Automatic Ball Trap. Once approved both the Import and Export Permits will be issued by the Royal Gibraltar Police. On arrival into Gibraltar a Temporary Firearms Licence will be issued to all competitors after Passport Control (arriving by air or land), listing all the weapons and ammunition they are licenced to hold and listing conditions which may be imposed on storage and use. Weapons and ammunition will be individually tagged and a unique number given to each weapon.
(See the Gibraltar 2019 Firearms Importation Process and Exportation Process PDF documents below)

Application Process

Individual Applicants

Individuals should download (see below) Form A (Individual Application) and Form B (Individual Application) and complete all the relevant sections. These forms are the application forms for the licences to import and export the firearms and ammunition.

Team Applicants

Teams should download (see below) Form A (Team Application) and Form B (Team Application) and the Team Firearms & Ammunition Register (excel document). Form A (Team Application) and Form B (Team Application) are to be filled in by the Member Island representative importing all the weapons and ammunition for the Team. The Team Firearms & Ammunition Register (excel spreadsheet) must be submitted with Form A and Form B and must list the required details of all competitors and list all the firearms being imported and exported.


Applications can be submitted by email to or via post to:

Royal Gibraltar Police
Firearms Licensing Unit
New Mole House Police Station
Rosia Road
Gibraltar GX11 1AA

Requests for assistance or for clarification can be emailed to and we will reply either by email or make contact by telephone.

Relevant Dates

The Royal Gibraltar Police will process applications as from the 1st February 2019. The Royal Gibraltar Police would prefer for all applications to be submitted by the 30th of April 2019. However, and in alignment with the IGA Entry by Name Deadline, firearms applications will be accepted until the 6th of May 2019. No other applications other than reasonable variations on previously submitted applications will be accepted thereafter.

PLEASE NOTE (Travelling with Firearms in Spain):

Further to the information provided regarding the importation / exportation of firearms into Gibraltar, participating Islands are reminded that the importation and exportation of firearms into Spain are governed by different processes to Gibraltar. The Gibraltar authority’s jurisdiction over the importation and exportation of firearms extends after passport control at the Gibraltar side of the Frontier.

Holders of European Firearms Licenses, in theory should not have any problems importing or exporting firearms via Spain, however It is advisable that participating Islands who intend to travel into Gibraltar with firearms via the Spanish mainland contact the Spanish authorities beforehand.

Click HERE for a link to the Guardia Civil website


Clay Shooting Range
Europa Advance Road

Clay Sports Coordinator
Harry Murphy

Pistol Shooting Range
Lathbury Sports Complex
Windmill Hill Road

Pistol Sports Coordinator
Louis Baglietto

Rifle Shooting Range
North Mole Road

Rifle Sports Coordinator
Darren Sheriff

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Form A (Individual Application)
Form B (Individual Application)
Form A (Team Application)
Form B (Team Application)
Firearms Importation Process
Firearms Exportation Process
Team Firearms & Ammunition Register
Clay Schedule (as of 04/05/19)
Pistol Schedule (as of 19/03/19)
Rifle Schedule (as of 28/05/19)